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About us

Our story

In 2015, during a period marked by economic challenges, the founder of Avant made a bold move by introducing their inaugural product to the market.

This decision, taken at a time when launching new ventures seemed daunting, paid off remarkably. The product, a line of woolen tights designed for children, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and quickly sold out, marking a significant success for the fledgling brand.

Avant’s rapid ascent in the fashion world can largely be attributed to its dedicated team of seasoned professionals. Boasting a collective experience of over 30 years in the textile industry, these experts have leveraged their deep knowledge and skilled craftsmanship to produce Avant’s distinctive designs. It’s this combination of strategic daring and exceptional talent that has propelled Avant to its current standing as a young yet highly respected brand in the fashion industry.

Our values

At Avant, our mission transcends the creation of appealing knitwear; it embodies a deeper commitment to innovation and cultural sharing. We are driven by a passion to introduce the global community to the warmth and luxury of Mongolian wool and cashmere, as well as the rich nomadic traditions that inspire our collections. In pursuing this vision, we prioritize quality and sustainability at every turn. Our approach ensures that from the sourcing of raw materials to our packaging practices, each aspect of our production process is considerate of all life and adheres to both local and global environmental standards.

Our Journey

In addition to expanding our own lines, Avant Kids and Avant Women, we have forged meaningful partnerships with both international and local brands to craft unforgettable products.

Following the triumph of our initial launch, we have significantly broadened our horizons, proudly exporting our knitwear to diverse markets including the US, Scotland, Kazakhstan, and South Korea.



We regard our partners as integral members of our extended team, committed to nurturing their creative development while evolving alongside them. That’s why, in addition to the experts behind each stage of production, customers, individuals and organizations all created Avant.


About Our Brand

My passion for fashion has been a lifelong affair, significantly influenced by my mother, a seasoned cashmere specialist with 27 years of experience in the textile field. In 2015, fueled by our shared vision, we launched Avant.

Our founding mission was to challenge and redefine the perceptions surrounding cashmere—that it’s overly pricey, wears out quickly, and demands high maintenance. Today, Avant stands as a testament to our commitment, offering chic, yet affordable and long-lasting cashmere and wool garments to our clientele.

Before dedicating myself entirely to Avant, my career path was quite different; I was immersed in the world of audit services. The transition from a tax accountant to a fashion designer might seem unexpected to many, but this shift has immensely enriched my life with joy and creativity. My financial background now serves as a cornerstone for Avant, aiding in the development of our business model, financial management, and partnership negotiations.

Initially, Avant’s focus was primarily on design. However, it quickly became evident that our brand represented something far greater. As I delved deeper into the production process, I became captivated by Mongolia’s natural wealth. This revelation sparked a determination to share the beauty of Mongolian wool, cashmere, and our nomadic heritage with the global audience. Thus, what began as a fashion endeavor evolved into a profound mission to introduce the rich cultural tapestry of my homeland to the world.

Tuul Batbaatar, Fashion designer & founder of Avant