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Our story

Avant was brought to the world by the brave decision of its founders to launch their first product amid the economic slowdown of 2015.

Despite the seemingly unfavorable conditions, the woolen tights for children were a huge success and were sold out immediately.

Being a relatively young brand we owe our success to the team of accomplished professionals. Our experts with 30 years experience in the textile industry put their craftsmanship to the unique designs of Avant.

Our values

Here at Avant we believe that what we do is more than just designing charming knitwear. In addition to the desire to bring something new to the industry, we aspire to bring the joy of Mongolian wool and cashmere, and the nomadic culture to the people all around the world. In doing so we draw our attention to the quality and sustainability. From raw materials to packaging, every step of production is friendly to all living beings and in line with the domestic and international standards.


Apart from developing Avant Kids and Avant Women, we collaborate with foreign and domestic brands to create memorable products.

Since the successful launch of our first product, we’ve come a long way to exporting our knitwear to the US, Scotland, Kazakhstan and South Korea. We see our partners as a part of our team, aiming to support their creative growth and grow along with them.



We firmly believe that communication with our customers is the key to the continuous improvement and satisfaction guarantee. That’s why we like to say that our customers and partners created Avant with us.


About brand

Besides my love for fashion since childhood I was greatly inspired by my mother, a cashmere expert who has worked in the textile industry for 24 years. Together we co-founded Avant in 2015.

The desire to break the stereotype that cashmere is expensive, does not age well and requires special care was the main motivation for creating Avant. Today we proudly offer our customers stylish cashmere and woolen clothes that are affordable and durable.

Before devoting my full time to Avant, I worked for an audit company. Who would have thought that a tax accountant will be designing clothes? Changing my profession has made my life happier and increased my creativity. Today, my background in finance helps me much in creating a business model for Avant, managing the company’s finances and negotiating with the partners.

Initially Avant was focused solely on design, but soon I realized that it is something much bigger than just designing pretty clothes. n the production process, I was amazed by the riches of our country and determined to bring the joy of Mongolian wool and cashmere, and the nomadic culture to people all around the world. That’s how the business that started out of love for fashion turned into a great purpose to spread the rich culture of my country to the world.

Tuul Batbaatar, Fashion designer & founder of Avant

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