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BLACK – Limited SS24′

The BLACK collection by Avant Clothing Co. stands as a poetic tribute to the essence of femininity, weaving silk and cotton into a dreamlike narrative. Each piece embodies a deep, elegant black, crafted for the chic and confident woman.

The collection’s fabric combines the coolness of silk with the natural feel of cotton, featuring a mesh-like texture ideal for summer evenings and special events. Foil hot stamped details add a subtle sparkle, symbolizing the hidden desires within each woman.

Inspired by themes of nudity, inner beauty, and unspoken yearnings, BLACK transcends mere fashion to explore vulnerability, power, and beauty in its purest form. This collection not only dresses the body but also celebrates the soul’s narratives, inviting women to embrace their most authentic selves in a dance of light and shadow.

T hrough BLACK, Avant Clothing Co. honors the quiet, indomitable spirit of women, turning each garment into an expression of inner strength and artistry. Tuul.B /Creative director/

The collection was created for our brand fundraising project.

Shop the collection: https://avantcashmere.com/crowdfunding-black-limited-editions/