On this blog, I will give you a little advice on how to correctly determine your skin color.

First of all, before deciding whether red, green or blue clothes will suit you, it is right to determine what color and undertone group you belong to. Knowing your skin tone will make it easier to know what colors of clothing, makeup, and jewelry will make you look more confident and healthy.

It is easy to tell whether a person is yellow-skinned, brown-skinned or white-skinned just by looking at each other. Most of our Mongolians have white, yellow and brown skin, and some of them are even “blackened” due to extreme weather conditions. So, the color of a person’s skin is not determined only by the color of the skin that is visible to the eye.

The fashion industry and personal stylists who correctly determine the undertone of a person’s skin and recommend the right color for the person have a great place in the fashion industry.

So what is Undertone? Undertone is the natural color under the surface of the skin. The skin tone represents your skin tone, while the undertone represents the shade within that color. There are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. People with the same skin tone can have very different colors.

How to determine skin color?

The most popular way to determine undertone is the color of the veins. You can determine your natural skin color just by going to a well-lit area and looking at the veins on the inside of your forearm.

If your veins look blue or purple, you have cool-toned skin, and if your veins are green or olive-colored, you have warm-toned skin.

Identifying a person with cold skin:

  • The skin is pale yellow, gray or pale porcelain
  • Eye color is usually blue or gray-blue
  • Hair with an ashy shade, without a warm color, without a mixture of reddish and reddish colors, or, on the contrary, with a dark, cold brown-brown color

Identifying a person with warm-toned skin:

  • The skin is peach or golden yellow, often with freckles
  • Eye color is golden or deep green or brown
  • The hair has a shade of wheat, honey, reddish or reddish brown

People with medium or neutral skin tones often have blue-green colored veins. People with this type of skin color are as lucky as winning the lottery. Because they see many colors better than others.

Determining a person with medium-toned skin:

  • Asians with pale skin are common
  • Eye color is brown
  • Hair is often brown or black

Test Method 2:

You will need a white sheet. Цагаан цаасыг нүүрэндээ авчир. If against the background of a white page your skin looks pink, bluish or pale pink, you belong to cold colors. If the skin is yellow, brown, golden, or peachy, you can classify yourself as warm.

In my next blog, I’ll talk about what colors make you look better. If you want more information why not look it up on the internet….

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