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5 Reasons to Replace Your Laundry Detergent with Soap Plants

5 Reasons to Replace Your Laundry Detergent with Soap Plants

What is a soap plant?

Soapnut is a type of fruit that grows in tropical countries such as India and Nepal. The outer hard shell is dried and foamed in water, and can be used as a substitute for all kinds of detergents for clothes, body, and hair. With so many different detergents out there, why choose soap plant?

Harmless to health

At a time when everyone has some sort of allergy, we try to choose foods, clothes, and toiletries that are natural and free of harmful chemicals. Especially for people with eczema, psoriasis, and children with sensitive skin, soap plant is the best choice. It has the advantage that it does not irritate or irritate sensitive skin because it is natural and does not contain strong chemical ingredients.

Can be used in many ways

As mentioned above, soap plants can be used not only for clothes, but also for hair and body washing and immediate cleaning. Boil the soap plant in water, strain and use the solution as shampoo or soap. When washing your hair, massage your scalp and rinse after 5 minutes. It doesn’t lather like the soaps and shampoos we use, but it does its basic job of cleaning dirt easily. This solution can be used in pet soap, fruit and vegetable washing, and all kinds of cleaning.


4-6 balls are used for one wash, and several more can be used after drying in the sun. Detergents cost 30,000-50,000₮ on average, and of course, you need to buy not only one, but also different types, such as black, white, colored, wool, cashmere, and fabric softener. But all kinds of clothes can be washed with soap plant, and because it is natural, you don’t need to use any harmful softeners on your clothes.

Environmentally friendly

The main reason for choosing the soap plant is obvious. The detergents we use pollute water supplies. Detergents often come in plastic bags or plastic packaging, and research has confirmed that both powders and liquids contain microplastics. But the soap plant, like other plants, will disappear as soon as it is absorbed into nature.

Easy to use

When the soap plant is wet, a substance called saponin, which is contained in the skin /bones/, is released into the foam, which is 100% natural. Therefore, when you wash your clothes, you just need to put 4-5 pieces in the designated cloth net and put them in the washing machine together with your clothes. It can be dried and reused. When it softens and turns gray, it can be composted and used. Most importantly, remember that saponins are activated in warm water. Therefore, if you want to wash your clothes in cold water, soak your soap plant in hot water beforehand.


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