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M. Undram: The topic of our attention is toxic metals in the blood caused by air pollution.

M. Undram: The topic of our attention is toxic metals in the blood caused by air pollution.

We bring you the #AVANTLIFESTYLE series to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. This time, Avant’s loyal user M. Undram Air pollution concerns are shared.

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Last year, together with our friend Zulaa, we opened a comprehensive clinic for children and adolescents called Happy Zet Clinic . One of our main goals is to help our future children become healthier adults by reducing the risks that negatively impact their health and increasing the protective factors that positively impact them.

In this regard, he has started conducting research in the field of toxic habits of children, adolescents and young people, and has joined an interesting and large-scale research project. This is a study of toxic metals in the blood of children.

I have never heard of a study of toxic metals in children’s blood. Could you elaborate on this?

According to the experience of the developed countries of the world, the blood biomonitoring test of children is performed especially in young children when their growth and development are going on rapidly. In this way, it is important to detect and stop exposure to any substance harmful to human health in an early stage, and to prevent further chronic poisoning and complications.

At the initiative of Dr. D. Naransukh, head of the environmental health and toxicology laboratory of Health Solutions, an organization specializing in environmental and occupational health, the study of toxic metals in the blood of young children is starting at their organization. In the future, this study has the vision to expand into the biomonitoring of children’s blood based on the experience of other developed countries.

Air pollution is not only a problem in the city of UB, it has become a big environmental health problem in rural areas. For Mongolian children, especially children living in urban areas, it has been a long time since exposure to air pollution has created health inequalities and seriously violated the basic human right to live in a healthy and safe environment.

Air pollution not only causes respiratory diseases that we are aware of, but also risks exposure to toxic metals that we don’t even notice. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between exposure to toxic metals in the blood of young children and indoor and outdoor air pollution. I had the opportunity to participate in this research team as a researcher representing my school and hospital. Personally, I am happy to work in this team because it is compatible with the goals of our hospital.

What techniques are used to measure toxic metals in children’s blood?

Our parents used to go abroad to have their children tested for toxic metals in their blood, or send their children’s hair or blood abroad for analysis. However, the Environmental Health and Toxicology Laboratory has imported and operated a high-capacity laboratory to detect and study toxic metals and trace elements in the blood.

This means that 14 types of toxic metals such as lead, tin, beryllium aluminum, nickel, etc. will be identified through detailed analysis. If children are exposed to these toxic metals for a long time from childhood, it affects thinking, memory, intellectual development, and IQ.

Where and how do toxic metals originate? Is there prevention or treatment?

Prevention of chronic poisoning, elimination of blood poisoning, identification and elimination of the source. This test is also open to the public through our hospital. It is completely possible to get advice, information, and determine exposure.

For me, I am working on this research because it answers the big question that my children are not exposed to toxic metals.

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