Until the early 19th century only the wealthy had the access to the ornamental fabric due to its labor-intensive and time-consuming production. While many attempted to automate the process of weaving patterns into the fabric, Joseph Jacquard, French weaver and merchant, was the one to succeed. With his invention, a loom with interchangeable punch cards, it became possible to weave the desired pattern on fabric automatically.

In 1805 Napoleon himself visited Lyon to see Jacquard’s new loom. For his invention Jacquard was awarded a bronze medal and received a lifelong pension Jacquard’s loom not only revolutionized the global textile industry, but also played an important role in the development of modern day computers. With the introduction of punch cards, the speed of mechanical devices increased significantly, and later it was used in the development of an early version of digital compiler used by IBM for one of the models of computer.

While the original loom with punch cards has been replaced by computer programs, the patterned woven fabric still bears Jacquard’s name. Any type of fabric with a directly woven pattern rather than embroidered or printed is called jacquard.

Our jacquard collection:

Jacquard garments have a unique pattern inside, which makes it perfect for reversible designs. Unlike the printed or embroidered designs the woven pattern of jacquard fabric does not wear off and its dense structure makes the clothing wrinkle-resistant, thus durable and perfect for everyday wear.

At Avant we believe that besides reflecting one’s individual style clothes should be of high quality and made to last. Embracing this principle, we hope that our jacquard designs will add a new color into your wardrobe, becoming one of your all time favorites.

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