To this day, one of the most valuable resources we have is raw materialsused for our day to day clothes. The finest raw materials are cotton, wool, cashmere, and silk.

Woollen and cashmere garments are some of the most expensive pieces produced by renowned brands all over the world. Merino wool is known throughout the world. But what do we know about Mongolian wool? There are many differences between Australian wool and Mongolian wool.

The wool of Merino’s sheep is 17.0-21.0 microns, as for wool of Mongolian sheep’s is 18.0-22.0 microns, the lower the micron the higher the price. Clearly, the major factors are geographical location, weather, and herding methods and feed.

Australians can sell their Merino sheep wool very well in the world market. Here’s an example: Fall 18 / 19’s Max Mara brand, AGNONA MILANO 18/19. But why can’t we do the same with Mongolian wool?

With the help of modern technology, we have been constantly improving the production process over the years. As a result, our production and quality are increasing. But our process of spinning threads, and sweeping the dehydrated wool into thinner threads removes the finer fibre of the wool. This diminishes our competitive edge in the world market.

It is our duty to take a look at this process and improve it, as it is a great opportunity to compete globally.

Let’s introduce Mongolian wool to the world!