What brands come to your mind when you think of stylish and affordable clothes? Zara? H&M? Of course, the models are constantly updated and have many advantages. But they have one big drawback. The environmental damage caused by these “fast fashion” brands, which wear out as quickly as they are created, and create waste, is more than you can imagine.

According to the study, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation of Great Britain has determined that one truckload of fabric waste is created every second in the world. Also, the sustainable solution consulting company Quantis pointed out in its 2018 study that the clothing and footwear industry has a greater impact on climate change than the air transport and maritime transport industries.

So what are the other options? National brands that value quality and sustainability. There are many reasons to choose them.

Unique design

Is it a simple model that is produced in thousands or is it a model that is produced in small numbers by a brand with its own style and concept? At worst, if there is a problem, it is useless to complain and argue with the brand whose representative is located in another country. But if you contact the people here directly, you can solve your problem.

Household income

If a small factory has 5-10 employees, there is a family behind each person. So you are contributing to the income of at least 5-10 households.

National production

Everyone has the idea of producing everything they need for their daily lives at home. So the beginning of all that has already been set. The main thing is to support them, tell them if there are problems and help them to improve, which is the basis for the development of production. With such an attitude, why can’t there be a movement called “Industry for the development of Mongolia”?

Sustainable development

Compared to large factories and chain stores, small businesses have a smaller environmental footprint, such as the resources they use, the raw materials they use, and the waste they emit. A factory that adopts sustainable manufacturing practices is even better. Therefore, choosing them will be a big contribution you make to protect the environment.

So, how many people’s lives can your choice make a positive difference to?

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