We bring you the #AVANTLIFESTYLE series to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. This time, Avant’s loyal customer B. Rentsenkhand, doctor of medicine and dermatologist, gave a little advice on skin care. He received his doctorate in Japan and works as a dermatologist and cosmetologist at Ulemj Clinic.

– What is a common misconception that people say is good for the skin?

– The most common is to wipe the skin with lemon. Although vitamin C in lemons is good for the skin, it only works when it is absorbed through the digestive system. However, wiping directly with lemon peel and juice can irritate and damage the skin. Turmeric is helpful when used in the right amount and in the right dosage, but it can also be irritating when applied alone.

In addition, it is a very wrong idea that acne-prone skin won’t get oily if you wash it a lot and dry it with alcohol. Because the drier the skin, the more oil it starts to produce. So it’s important to stay hydrated. When the skin does not lose too much water and is well moisturized, it balances oil production.

– What are the 3 most important things that affect having beautiful skin?

– First of all, lifestyle – sleep, diet, home skin care. It is important to always think about the ingredients of what you eat and drink, whether you are getting the protein your skin needs. The main thing that keeps skin looking firm and young is collagen, or skin protein. By consuming the right protein foods, the skin cells produce collagen, making the skin firmer and plumper. Also, by drinking a lot of water, the skin does not get moisture directly, and by drinking in moderation, the metabolism is balanced, and this further affects the skin.

In addition to this, one thing that should not be left out is skin care. Everyone’s skin is different, so choose the right product for you. But the 3 main stages of skin care are the same for everyone. This is regular cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection.

– Can only home skin care be enough to keep the skin beautiful? Is additional care necessary?

– Professional skin care is not necessary, but it should depend on the characteristics of the skin and age. Even if you are young, if you have any skin problems such as freckles, pigmentation, acne, you should consult a specialist and get treatment.

On the other hand, people over 30 years old should start choosing professional anti-aging treatments that suit them, so that they can preserve their skin’s youthfulness. At least 1-2 times a month, the blood supply of the skin improves and regeneration is intensified.

Recently, there have been a lot of anti-aging device and injectable treatments, so it is best to consult a professional doctor to choose the right one for you.

– It seems that the long-term use of the same product has lost its effect. Does this mean you need to change it every now and then?

– Almost all women have faced this problem. This is primarily due to the fact that people do not notice. The product continues to provide the same service as before, but after a few months people get used to it and feel like it is not changing.

Secondly, it is related to the season. Especially in Mongolia, where there are 4 seasons of the year, due to extreme heat or cold and extreme dryness, the products you use start to become insufficient. The products used in the summer have good results, but in the winter they do not give enough results. At this time, it is necessary to additionally increase nutrition and hydration such as masks and serums.

In addition, it can be related to hormonal changes in women. For example, during the menstrual cycle, some people’s skin becomes excessively oily. Because of this, your usual products may not be affected. Therefore, taking into account all these factors, you should adjust your skin care for each time.

Also, keep this in mind as the product will not work if stored or used incorrectly.

– Is there a lot of skin care?

– There is no need for skin care. There can be any number of stages of care suitable for the characteristics of your skin. The most important thing is that the ingredients of the products you use should not be allergic. Using products that are not compatible with each other may produce results that may not be effective, or may even damage your skin.

– Why Avant?

– Avant clothes are comfortable and warm to wear. I love that the designs are simple yet have cute details. For example, I love this feathered shirt design that I love to wear.

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