We are starting our #AVANTLIFESTYLE series where women from every industry will share their experiences to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. Holistic health consultant M. Khatansumya participated in the first issue and explained the importance of a holistic view of a healthy lifestyle.

What is a holistic approach? What exactly does a holistic health consultant do?

A holistic approach means looking at things holistically rather than from a single point of view. A holistic health counselor, on the other hand, helps people learn how to live a balanced life.

In doing so, information such as the person’s social status, finances, family relationships and home environment, nutrition, psychological status, career and work conditions are important. The reason we need to know this is because we are constantly receiving good and bad information from these parts of life every day. It also gives us a variety of feelings. If there is a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, and lack of energy in any part, it has a negative effect on the person’s psyche and body. So, it is important to know which of the above factors make you uncomfortable and how they affect your body.

A holistic health consultant is not a dietician, clinical nutritionist, doctor or psychologist. But they are the ones who advise them to develop good habits such as a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating.

Why is a holistic approach to healthy living important?

We often try to see health only from one side. Whether it’s an illness, an abnormal weight, an anxiety disorder, or an addiction, we rely on a product or drug instead of getting to the root cause. Just suppress the symptoms and try to solve it as painlessly and painlessly as possible. However, the process behind these problems is not well understood. First of all, we should change our lifestyle and understand very well that it is important to prevent the disease, not after the illness.

“Being healthy isn’t difficult, but the problem is that we make it difficult.”

What are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to healthy eating and dieting?

In fact, it’s common to think of healthy eating as something that people with money or time do. But actually, we can make small changes in the food we eat every day, while increasing our movement and learning to keep our thoughts in order. It seems very simple, but it is very difficult to change. The most important thing is that if a person is going to change himself, “why?” and “what is the result?” It is important to answer the question and be aware of it.

However, most people approach healthy eating and dieting for the momentary excitement of social norms, to please someone, or to imitate others, so it does not become a long-term habit.

What should be considered to make the surrounding microenvironment healthy?

To achieve a healthy balance in your environment at the micro level, you must first set realistic goals. Also, avoid setting too big a goal in too short a time and learn to focus on one thing at a time. By doing this, you will prevent your mental and physical exhaustion. In general, a person should learn to work in harmony with his own and natural biorhythms. Recently, people are using their bodies like machines, which is a violation of the laws of nature. If you have a high workload, you should definitely learn to do things that make you feel good and happy. It is best to try to know your rhythm.

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